Thanksgiving Update

We had a GREAT trip to Idaho. Shelby loves spending time with her Papa and Mama Shelley; loves running wild in the great outdoors (even when it's FREEZING outside); and she can't get enough of all the animals on Papa's ranch. When we're in Idaho, Shelby has very little interest or use for Mom and Dad, she's all about her grandparents. We did a lot of relaxing while in Lava Hot Springs, but we also managed to squeeze in a ton of family time. We made a visit to Great Grandma Pearl. We stopped at Aunt Lori and Uncle Billy's house to see our cousins Joe and Josh. We shopped. And shopped. And shopped some more!

After we picked Mike up at the airport (he flew from Tucson to the very little Pocatello airport, while Shelby and I drove up), we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Chubbuck. Shelby took a little ride on the saddle in the lobby and hammed it up for the camera.

We also had a chance to check out the Hot Springs, but since they were closed we could only dip our fingers in. I wish I would have brought my swimsuit, as the hot springs are best when it's so cold out. Maybe next time!

Thanksgiving Dinner was at my Aunt Lori and Uncle Billy's house and let me tell you, it was yummy. And I didn't do any cooking at all, so it was super relaxing too. I did all the cooking last year (Mike and I did actually) and it took me months to recover! It was such a treat to just get to hang out and visit, instead of being chained to the stove! My cousins Wendy and Carrie were there with their kids, so Shelby had her little cousins to play with, which made the time fly by. I cheated on my diet (my doctor said I could) and had some of my step mom's pecan tart, and some of the fluffiest white rolls. Mike tried a Polish family favorite, rutabaga. I don't like it, never had. But Mike liked it much to my Aunt Lori's delight! All in all, it was a great trip. We were all a little sad to head home, but the warm weather of Tucson was enough to get Mike and I excited. Shelby always hates to leave her Papa and told him she really wishes he lived closer to us.

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