Like mother, like daughter

I've always loved to read, even as a little girl. I think it's the escapist in me ... I like to tune out the world and go somewhere I've never been or somewhere I may never go. It's so easy to do with a good book. Lately, I've been reading even more than I have in the past and it's GREAT. I feel so much more relaxed when I'm reading and it rubs off on the rest of my life.
Shelby must have inherited the reading gene, because she's already an avid reader and a storyteller. She'll beg us to read to her and quickly memorizes the stories, so she can "read" the book herself. She also likes to make up her own stories and often tells them to us at bedtime. She has such a vivid and busy imagination.

I found Shelby and a pile of books at the bottom of our stairs tonight ... she was mesmerized by a book about a little pirate.