Shelby got bangs!

No, we didn't plan on getting Shelby's hair cut and adding bangs ... but thanks to Shelby and what we'll be calling the scissor incident, we were forced to do so.

A few days ago, Shelby was happily helping Daddy wrap some presents. And when he turned his back, he heard a "snip, snip." And there, on Shelby's lap, were large chunks of silky blond hair. When I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I'm being really careful." This was because she had taken the scissors and she knew she wasn't suppose to have them.

I didn't think she had done too much damage, but each time I tried to pull her hair back since the scissor incident, a ton of hair will fall into her face .. too short to go in a pony, but too long. It kept getting to her eyes and she just looked to scraggly. So, yesterday I had enough. And I took her to the mall for her first hair cut. The lady cut some bangs, trimmed her back and then had to add some layers around her face, as we discovered more hair missing than we originally thought. (Sorry about the bad photos, I forgot my camera and had to use my cell phone!)

The final result is adorable. Shelby looks so cute with bangs. She looks like such a big girl (it's just breaking my heart!), where does all the time go?