Meet our new dog

We got a new dog. His name is Bruno. Last weekend we went to the Pima Animal Care Center and looked at all the animals there. When we saw Bruno, we just had to take him home. Mike originally wanted a cat, but we were afraid Cassius would stress a kitty out and send it to an early grave. Shelby wanted a dog, a little one. And Bruno fit the bill.

Bruno had to be neutered before we could take him home and he's had to wear a cone all week to keep from messing with his stitches. Shelby adores him. She wanted to name him Coco, but since Bruno was already his name we settled on Bruno Coco Kalil. Cassius loves to chase Bruno, they have become fast friends in a bit of an antagonistic way. Bruno actaully pushed Cassius around, steals his bed and kicks him out of the water bowl ... all super funny to watch since Cassius is 50 pounds heavier and a whole lot taller.