What a wonderful husband I have

So, I was feeling blue yesterday ... It was Valentine's Day; and I was away from home and the two people I love the most. But then I walked into my hotel room, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me. My dear, sweet husband had gone to A LOT of trouble to get them to me. My mood was instantly brightened.

It's a long story, but Mike had to contact some of my coworkers. Make friends with the Danish folks at the SAS Radisson. And then find a place in Aarhus that spoke English and could deliver the flowers on time. All this work, just to make me smile and feel loved. Well, it worked. He gets an A++ for effort. And the flowers smell and look amazing.

I'm quite blessed to be married to such a great guy. And I'm so grateful to have a wonderful little family. I love them both so dearly.