Jay-Z at my hotel

I'm in Baltimore (I go home this afternoon), doing some work at the Baltimore Sun. While here, I stay at the InterContinental Harbor Court, which is the nicest and most expensive hotel in Baltimore (that will change soon as a Four Seasons is scheduled to open up in the next year). This morning while I was waiting for a cab to take me to work, I heard some of the hotel employees talking about the "big" guest (Jay-Z), and I noticed some of his entourage milling around the lobby. Also, in the courtyard were some Black SUVs with blacked out windows and then two tour buses, one with a trailer attached.
So, I hang out with high rollers. Well, at least I stay at the same hotel as they do. But what i really want to know right about now is, was Beyonce there as well? 'Cause that would be REALLY cool.