Albuquerque Aquarium and Biological Park

Mama Shelley (as Shelby calls her Grandma), Griffin and Shelb walking into the aquarium

We took the kids to the Albuquerque Aquarium and Biological Park to check out the fish, run around a bit, plant some seeds ... all the great things you can do there. We practically ran through the aquarium. The kids were taking in the exhibits at warp speed. I guess when you're 3 and 4, things just aren't interesting enough to keep you occupied for hours. I would have liked to check out the fish a bit more, but the kids wanted to run around outside (fine by me, it meant they took a REALLY great nap when we got home).

Grandma Shelley came with us, she was also in town (to visit her mom and siblings). The kids had a great time. We took a wagon ride at the Rio Grande Heritage Farm, which I think was the kids' favorite part of the day. That and the stop at the gift shop where Grandma bought them all toys! Thank you Grandma Shelley!

I personally liked the Bio Garden and all the beautiful plants and flowers. It's amazing what they can do, even in the desert! It took just about all her will power, but Shelby didn't pick any of the flowers. I did have to tell her about 20 times she wasn't allowed to pick 'em, but she still enjoyed smelling them.

After the aquarium, we headed to Old Town, where we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. The kids were great and so were the sopapillas. I even got a quick tour of Old Town and definitely want to go back to do a little shopping.