Viva Las Vegas

Mike and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend! What a great time we had. We visited with tons of friends. Saw a concert (the New York Dolls). Lounged by the pool. Hung out with more friends. Attended Ched's birthday fiesta. Celebrated our wedding anniversary, which was on Monday (yesterday). Ate lots of great food. Saw more friends.

While we were in Vegas, we had breakfast at Bagel Cafe (one of my Vegas favorites) with Dave and Emily Schwartz and their adorable kids. Delaney is getting so big and was such a great little girl. She sat in her seat the whole meal and ate a ton of food! And their new baby, Elliot, is just as sweet as can be. I got to hold him for much of our breakfast and he's a super easy going baby.

Much of our weekend was spent eating ... Firefly, Benihana, Casa Don Juan, Tacos Mexico. We hit many of our favorite eateries. My tummy was mighty happy. We also drove by our old house ( a little sad), but it looks so good. The new owner is taking very good care of the house, which makes us happy. She has already planted a ton of spring flowers in the front yard planters. It looks great.