Bakin' with Mom
Shelby and I made beans and cornbread for dinner tonight, a very Oklahoma sort of meal. It has taken me a number of attempts, but I have finally perfected my beans, so much so Mike says they taste as good, if not better than his mom's! Shelby actually made the cornbread all by herself. I just supervised. She poured the Jiffy mix in (said it looks like soil); added the milk; and even cracked the eggs for the recipe. Then she stirred her little heart out. Notice the hat she's wearing? At preschool today they read "The Cat in the Hat" and then made hats just like the cat wears in the book. She wanted to wear it as soon as we left school and has been wearing it ever since.
Here's a shot of Shelby filling the muffin holders with the cornbread mixture. She was so proud of herself when we were all done!