Playing Dress Up

Earlier today I told Shelby she needed to stop watching Noggin and use her imagination. And she took this charge very seriously.

I had some things to take care of around the house and Mike and his dad were working on the backyard (more to come on that), so I really needed Shelby to play on her own. With the TV off, she headed upstairs to her bedroom. And it was VERY quiet for a pretty long time!

This is what I saw when she came downstairs (see picture at left) ... a butterfly cowgirl with pink high heels! Here are some of her dress-up essentials -- a magic mirror, a wand, high heels, and a Princess purse.

Shelby then asked me to help her set up for a tea party. Since she had come up with the idea on her own and was playing so well, I decided to join in the fun.

Here's a look at the tea party. Shelby invited some bears and Elmo. They used my "tea set" from Kuwait (a gift from my brother Brad, which hasn't gotten much use in many years). Shelby asked me to serve her guest some snacks, so they had some granola and crackers. The Coke Zero was mine, as I needed come caffeine to get through the tea party!