Catching up
Lots of photos to display for my class photo assignments. Given the fact that I have been in Denmark for most of these, it should be interesting looking back on them later, when I am back into my normal routine.

Day 10
Photo Assignment: a place you want to go but haven't yet
Think local! There's almost always some place you might drive by everyday and think, "I should check that place out."

I've been to Denmark 5 times in the last 15 months. And I always stay at the SAS Radisson, which is located next to the Aarhus Concert Hall. There are a ton of concerts there, both classical and contemporary. I check out the schedule on each visit, walk by and peek though the windows, but never actually go. If I was in Tucson for this assignment, I would have picked Bohemia (an artisans emporiam). It is located near Shelby's school and I drive by it multiple times a day. Everything in the store is hademade by local artists. Very cool stuff, or so I hear, as I have never been in.

Day 11

Photo assignment: street sign
''This will be a fun photo to look back on years from now. We have moved since my original day 11 photo was taken, so it's exciting for me to see what once was.''

The street signs here in Aarhus are a little different than the signs at home. I found this one on a street near my hotel when I catch the bus each day. Instead of hanging from above, it's planted there on the corner. I walk by this sign and on this street all the time while in Denmark.

Day 12

Photo assignment: picture of family photos or any group of photos

This is a picture of the little photo album that I carry with me when I travel. I obviously have lots of pictures of my family all over our home, but when I'm on the road, this is all I have! It's crammed full of all sorts of pictures of Mike, Shelby and me. I love looking at it and it makes me feel less homesick.

Day 13

Photo assignment: the outside of your home
Remember it doesn't matter if it's a house, apartment, duplex, whatever…

Here's my home away from home, the SAS Radisson in beautiful Aarhus, Denmark. I have been told it's the nicest hotel in Aarhus. They have an excelent breakfast buffet. And the people who work there are super nice.