Day 5: Photo Assignment

This is what I found in my email box this morning:

"Photo assignment: place you visit on a weekly basis
I'm at the grocery store at least twice a week, so it was the first place that came to mind for me. What place comes to mind for you?"

I really had to think hard about this one. I thought about picking the gas station ... the perils of driving a big SUV include weekly fuel stops. I considered Shelby's preschool since I'm there each week day, some times twice a day. Then I thought I should do Mike's office, as I drop by there a few times a week. We like to have lunch together whenever I am not traveling.

However, I am traveling today. I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport. So, I decided to go a different route. I took some pictures in the airport.

I rarely fly with any other carrier than Delta. Doing so has it's benefits (can you say platinum and first class?).

Though I'm not in the airport EVERY week, it certainly feels like it. And since I've become friends with the flight attendants on the Atlanta to Copenhagen flight, I'm certainly here more than most people. And since this class is suppose to be all about me, these pictures are a great snapshot of where I am right now.

And to make these photos even more authentic, I took them using my cell phone camera. I have a real camera in my bag, but that's never what I use when I am traveling ... I always turn to my trusty cell phone camera, as it's easier and always close by.