Fun Friday ... Fabulous Friday ... Festive Friday

I've always been a big fan of Friday. The work week is over. The weekend is here. I can rest. We can have family time. Here's five photos to illustrate just how my Friday turned out.

The third pair of fun, cheap Wal-Mart shoes. These are my favorite.

My photo assignment for the "28 Days" workshop on Big Picture Scrapbooking was to take a shot of my mailbox.

My first project assignment for "28 Days" was to alter a journal, which we'll use throughout the course. Here's what I came up with. It was yesterday's assignment and I am proud to say I had it done before I went to bed. I just failed to photograph it until today!

Shelby and I were being a little silly, and decided to take our picture. We're on the floor of my offices, being goofy.

I got bangs, thanks to Jenni at Gadabout.