Exploring the artist in me

I am taking an online art/scrapbooking class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. It's called "28 Days" and it's suppose to get me thinking more creatively. Each day, during the 28 day workshop, we have a photo assignment and some sort of project to complete. Today's photo assignment was this:

"I want you to capture your real life and how things really are, so no straightening up allowed. I didn't straighten up and you can really see how messy our pantry was… overrun with cereal and chip bags!"

So here's what my pantry looks like and I didn't cheat ... i just snapped the picture without straightening up or censoring the contents.

The workshop instructor, Gretchen, is posting her own photos for each assignment on her blog. I figured I'd post my pictures as well. You'll catch a glimpse into my life (however exciting or mundane it might be .. you decide).