Fun shoes

I don't normally go to Wal-Mart. I'll admit it, I'm a Target snob. But last week when I was in Idaho, I took my Grandma to Wal-Mart and we checked out the shoes while we were there. I noticed some cute, cheap shoes I just had to have. So yesterday I went to my own Wal-Mart and got a pair. They were just $7.

Cute. Cheap. And comfortable. Three cheers for my Wal-Mart shoes!!

I also had to have a (surprise) root canal yesterday! I went to the dentist because my tooth hurt and by lunch time had had a root canal. Luckily, my timing was great. The dentist said if I would have waited much longer to come in, I would have been in a lot of trouble (and even more pain), which would have been bad as I have business in Europe next week to take care of!