Thanks Daddy, you work miracles!

Mike managed to salvage Shelby's horrible haircut (the one I tried to give her). And her hair actually looks pretty cute. Not everyone can wear super short bangs, but it's a good look for Shelby. Very hip.

Shelby (aka Hannah Montana Jr. ) and Bruno hanging out

Speaking of hip ... Shelby is currently on a Hannah Montana kick (much yo my dismay and despair). She's only seen Hannah Montana a few times (thanks to Nana and also to Papa), but she loves her anyway. One of her schoolmates gave her Hannah Montana pajamas for her birthday and she insists on wearing them to school, umm, a lot! She has them on in the picture above.

She also got a Hannah Montana hair piece for her birthday and her new favorite thing is to wear it and pretend she's Hannah Montana. It's not that I hate Hannah Montana ... but Miley Cyrus has been all over the news lately for some questionable behavior and choices ...and I can't say she's the best role model for kids. Shelby doesn't really know who Miley Cyrus is and I'd like to keep it that way!