Tohono Chul Park

Whenever I'm at home and we have some free time, we try and do "fun" family things together. Most of the time, this involves exploring Tucson, which is still kind of new to us (even being here year, there are still so many things left to discover).

Our latest adventure took us to Tohono Chul Park. Tohono Chul Park has been listed as one of the Ten Great Botanical Gardens in the world, and it lives up to its reputation. We went pretty early in the day, but could have gone earlier (it's already stinkin' hot in Tucson and it's only going to get worse!). There's a "tea room" there, which seemed to be attracting the most visitors ... so we had much of the park to ourselves during our visit. There is an AWESOME children's area, which is almost completely shaded, and Shelby throughly enjoyed all it had to offer.

While checking out Tohono Chul Park, we saw a ton of lizards (Shelby's favorite), rabbits, a variety of colorful birds and about every variety of desert plant you can imagine. We'll definitely be going back ... soon!