My cute little family

Here's Mike and Shelby int he Atlanta airport. We were on our way to check in and head home. Shelby thinks the airport is one cool place, mostly 'cause it's loud, chaotic and she gets to ride on a cart! Personally, I hate airports. I feel like my head is going to explode most of the time I spend in airports, which is ironic since I spend a lot of time in airports. The Tucson Airport is great though ... hardly anyone there, which makes getting in and out of it super easy.

I have another funny picture from Atlanta that I forgot to post. One night we went to dinner at a fancy steak house, but Shelby was exhausted from all the activities an fell asleep on the way there. Below is a picture of her snoozing through the meal. she slept all the way through dinner and didn't even wake up when we picked her up and put her back in the car!

But dinner wasn't a bust for all of us. Mike ordered the surf and turf, which by the looks of this photo, was excellent. I had a yummy steak, and some really great shrimp won tons for an appetizer. Most of trip was spent eating, which isn't so good for the waistline but quite tasty and memorable.