Shelby, at her finest

Last night, I was helping Shelby get her pajamas on. Before she finished, I told her I'd meet her downstairs. She gave me a very serious look as said, "Mom, on TV I heard them say that no kid is left behind. If you go downstairs, I'll be left behind. You can't do that."

Also last night, Shelby was a little frustrated after her friends went home. Her room was a disaster and she was left to clean it up herself. She's not big on messes (she's like her mama and can't stand it when things are out of place). She told me she was going to post a sign on her door that said "No messes allowed in my room." She thought this would keep the neighbor kids from trashing her area. She really is turning into a mini-me.

A few weeks ago, Mike and Shelby were listening to The Beatles downstairs while Mike did a little work. They went upstairs together and Mike started blasting the Rolling Stones. Shelby said, "Dad, I don't like the Rolling Stones. They're rough and messy. The Beatles aren't messy. They're neat"

Where does she get this stuff?!

P.S. I took this picture this morning. Shelby was getting ready to go swimming at the neighbor's house. She was super excited to have another swim party (she was just over there yesterday).