I (we) survived the sleepover

Movie time. The girls having a picinic of sorts whike watching Shelby's new favorite movie "Air Buddies."

The sleepover went surprisingly well (at least I was surprised it went so smoothly). I am very much the mother of one. I have gotten used to and comfortable with being responsible for just one child. It's a little, okay a lot, scary for me to have to watch over three kids. I like just having one to chase after!

Running through the sprinkler. My mom sent Shelby a gift card for Easter and Shelby picked out one of those sprinklers that attaches to your hose and then spins around. We had yet to use it, so we busted it out for the sleepover.

The girls jumped on the trampoline. Ran through the sprinklers. Watched a movie with cookies and popcorn. And then went to bed with NO hassle! Yep, no hassle. I was most worried

Water fun. I even played in the sprinkler a bit.

Drying off, post sprinkler

The all slept through the night There was no drama. And Shelby even let Alexia brush and style her hair in the morning (she hates to have her hair done). Mike made a fabulous bacon and cheesy egg breakfast and the girls played beauty shop (complete with very over the top makeup) before the party broke up.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. Shelby said it was the best thing, ever.