Shelby and the Bible

As part of her preschool day, Shelby and her little classmate are read a story from the bible. I am amazed at how much she remembers from the stories. I have started to ask her each day what wad the Bible story of the day. And then she tells me, in a very detailed manner, all about what she heard.

Yesterday I asked her what the story of the day was and this is the conversation we shared.

Me: Shelby, did you guys do a Bible story today?
Shelby: Yeeeess, Mom (in a very annoyed manner) .
Me: Well, what was today's story about?

Shelby: Dumping a bunch of people in the water.

Me: (Trying not to laugh) What?
Shelby: Oh yeah, it was John. He was dumping people in the water.
Me: You mean John the Baptist?

Shelby: Yes. And after he dumped people in the water he had hummus.
Me: (Now laughing) Hummus?
Shelby: Oh no, I mean bugs and honey.

So there you go. Shelby's version of the Bible. She tells the story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus fleeing to Egypt to avoid King Herod's wrath much better.