A Hop, Skip and a Jump to Idaho

Shelby and I took a quick weekend trip to Idaho. Why not? I have a million frequent flyer miles and the Idaho State Fair was underway. Plus, Shelby was missin' her Papa. I've been wicked sick, so I can't way I was looking forward to traveling. But we flew into Pocatello this trip, which was great. The Pocatello airport is super-duper small and super-duper easy to get in and out of. I usually fly into Salt Lake, rent a car and then drive almost 3 hours to Lava Hot Springs. I don't think I'll ever do that again!

The fair was lots of fun. Shelby hadn't been since she was about 18-months old, so it was much more exciting and interesting to her. She checked out EVERY animal. She's really into cows and goats right now. Quite fascinated with their udders (not sure why). We also had some great treats ... ice cream and tiger ears (sort like funnel cake, but not so puffy). Shelby tackled the carnival area this trip to the fair ... the Ferris Wheel was her favorite ride. She insisted Papa go with her (I'm chopped liver when he's around).

While in Idaho we got to visit with my Grandma, which is always a treat. It's so sweet to see Shelby interact with her. Great-Grandma Pearl just lights up when Shelby is around. We also went to Preston, well known for its role in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite." And Shelby got lots of time with the cows and horses .... her favorite part of visit Idaho aside form Papa and Mama Shelley. On the way home, Shelby cried the entire flight from Pocatello to Salt Lake City. She kept saying "I miss Papa too much."