The latest with the Shelbster

Shelby has been learning so many things these days. She really is changing and maturing at light speed. This last week, her preschool has been focusing on bike and fire safety, and were capping off the week with a trike-a-thon. With all the talk of safety (like when riding a bike you should always wear your helmet), Shelby has been coming up with some of her own safety rules. The other night she drew the following picture.

When she brought the drawing in to show me, she said this ... "This picture is about a safety rule mom. If you are near a snowman, make sure you don't stand under it in case it falls over."

Of course! Why didn't I think of that! She also drew another picture that illustrated the safety rule to never touch fire.

As you can see below, Shelby can write her own name now. She's also memorized 911 and Mike's cell phone (it's the easiest number out of all of ours). She's so proud of herself when I let her dial the number (Daddy's cell, not 911). In addition to writing her name and memorizing telephone numbers, Shelb now knows how to "Stop, Drop and Roll"; she can write and recognize most of her letters and numbers; and she is a whiz at telling countless Bible stories.

As we prepare for the new baby, Shelby is getting super excited. She's convinced it's a girl, though she says she'll love a brother anyway. She's been suggesting a lot baby names. The latest are Paco for a boy and Scout for a girl. She used to want Moses II and Jesus. She has also expressed her ideas on how we should decorate the baby's room. Polka-dots for a boy and roses for a girl.
The funniest thing yet is she asked me if she could have as many brothers and sisters as there are on "Jon and Kate Plus 8." I said no and then she asked for 5 siblings ... so there would be 6 total! Yikes! Again, I said no. She said "Okay, one would be nice then."

On a sad note, Shelby has learn that people aren't always nice. There is a little boy at her preschool (who will remain nameless), who really gets to her. He's a bit of a bully. The other day Shelby found a beautiful purple flower while playing outside and decided to keep it to give to me. She was so excited. Then the nameless boy struck. I guess he was trying to tell Shelby something and she didn't listen to him. To make her pay, he crumpled up the flower. She was crushed. She seriously cried about this until I picked her from preschool and then continued to weep about it for hours more. I told her that some people will be mean and that though it hurts, we'll feel better with time. She said, "Mom, "the 'nameless boy' is so cruel. He isn't mean some days. He's cruel every day." How heartbreaking is that? Yes, there are cruel people out there Shelby. I was just hoping you wouldn't meet them until much later in life.