Boy or girl?

In a little more than 24 hours we should know the answer to that question. I have an appointment for a ultrasound on Wednesday (tomorrow) morning. I've been counting down the days for this, now I'm down to hours!

I still think the little guy is a girl, but Mike and Shelby are certain it's a boy. Either way, it will be loved and adored by all. The only problem will be giving it a name. We've narrowed out girl names down to two or three .... all of which I could live with. The boy names are a totally different beast. We have a long (seriously long) list of potential names, most of which Mike hates. He's got some VERY particular ideas about what we should name the baby if it's a boy. Most of those names make me gag. Seriously, I'm not overstating this. They are horrible to me. And what's worse is he really loves those names. The more I mock them, the harder he fights and he even starts to seem wounded by my criticisms of his picks. I just can't look at a baby and call him Archie. I can't look at a boy and call him Archie. If he was 81 when he was born, then maybe I could ... but seriously?!

He did suggest the name Jasper, which is one name I could get behind, but we're currently on a baby naming hiatus. We're waiting until we know if we get to go to the easy route and pick from our short list or girl names ... or will we be arguing to the end about boy names?

We could do a poll. Everyone could vote. But I would have to reserve the right to not name my child whatever crazy names people suggest .... and really, does that defeat the purpose of the poll? At least it could give us some direction, 'cause as of now we're going to come home with "baby boy."

P.S. Everyone here is sick. Shelby and Mike are hacking, wheezing and generally yucky. It's no fun to have a bunch of sickies. I even think Cassius is sick ... he's got no energy and is hardly eating. Am I next? We're gonna have to go to the doctor's today, Shelby isn't getting better and her cough is now keeping her up at night. All I can say is at least it's now and not on Christmas Eve.