Who needs a coat in Tucson?

No one. It may be the dead of winter around the country, but seriously the weather is perfect in Tucson. Most days I wear a short-sleeved shirt and am perfectly comfortable. On a "cold" day I might throw on a light cardigan.

However, this week I was dispatched to Toronto, Canada for a quick training session at the Toronto Star. Cool right? Nope, it's snowing and colder than the North Pole. Being 7 months pregnant, my heavy winter coat (yes I have one, only because I travel a lot and have lived in some cold places) won't button. My baby belly is preventing me from buttoning even the top button. So, I tried to buy a new coat this weekend and was told repeatedly that retailers in Tucson don't even stock coats. And why would they? We don't need them. And it gets even worse if you want to buy a maternity coat.

So I have been forced to do some serious layering. And I'm taking cabs, even if the newspaper is only two blocks away!!! As I type it's snowing and snowing ... and snowing. I WANT to go home!