Don't bother her, she's hibernating

Note the silly face ... Shelby is our little goofer. She's such a silly little girl. This morning she insisted on being called Speedy as she ran around the house.

Shelby has been learning about hibernation the last few weeks at preschool and today the kids were going to hibernate like bears. They all wore their pajamas to school and were going to make bear caves to sleep in at nap time. Shelby was beyond excited. She picked out a pair of pajamas with polar bears on them, since bears hibernate! And for snack today they were going to have pancakes shaped like bears.

In other news

*** I went to the doctor's today. The baby is baking away. He's about 3 pounds now and we're quite certain he's a boy thanks to a second ultrasound today. It's getting harder to fit the whole baby in the frame during the ultrasound since he's getting bigger, but here's the latest look at the little guy.

*** Mike is officially going nuts as it's tax season and they are feeling it at Kalil and Associates. He's got more work than he has hours in the day.

Here's a look at recipe book I created using the January kit and album. It's adorable if I do say so myself.

*** And finally, Crazy Daisy Kit Co. has an official launch date. We go live on Monday, January 26. The kit we have for January will be featured and the February kit will be revealed on Feb. 1. So there is a lot going on!!! Check out the site on Monday at I'll be blogging there as well, though it will all be craft related. I'm sure I'll slip in a few family sort of stuff, but mostly it will be all about scrappin' and some paper related crafts. For February we have a bunch of Valentine's Day-themed projects in mind and we'll share those in the weeks to come.

Also the recipe book, but this time a shot of the front.