My Little Diva

On Saturday, Shelby and I had our nails done. I get a pedicure on a pretty regular basis as my feet are awful. If I don't take really good care of them ... they crack, bleed and become painful to walk on. Because I do visit the same nail salon on a regular basis, all the ladies there know me. I bring Shelby in with me a lot and they adore her. Seriously, they more than adore her. In fact, they treat her like a rock star. Whenever I go without her the first thing the say to me is "Where your girl?" (in a very think Vietnamese accent). They love chatting with Shelby and they charge me next to nothing to trim, clean and paint her toes and fingernails (4 bucks!!!!).

So when we walked in this time, the owner scooped Shelby up and gave her a big hug and all the ladies surrounded her to chat with her. Of course Shelby just eats up all of the attention. She's like a little monkey performing at the circus! As I was waiting for my nails to dry, Shelby was sprawled out on a little bench and two of the ladies there were hovering over her and drying her nails. I'm liked chopped liver when she's around. She gets the royal treatment!!!

Excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone :)