What's going on ....

We've been managing to stay busy. With tax season, a new Web site, a busy little girl, and a baby on the way ... we've been going and going. Here's a quick look at what we've been up to.

We watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. It was just the three of us, but we still made a party out of it. We made all sorts of party food and cranked up the surround sound to watch the game, Shelby kept cheering for the Diamondbacks (she's more of a baseball girl than football), but at least she was cheering for the team from our state.

In the final moments when Arizona scored, Mike got so excited thinking they might just win ... he jumped up from the couch and started cheering. As he jumped up, he hit the cord for the ceiling fan, which then swung into the light fixture and broke it (see picture above). It was pretty funny. Shelby told him he had to apologize to the lamp. I didn't like that light fixture anyway!

Shelby is really into crafting, specifically card making and painting. One of her favorite Christmas presents this last year was a birdhouse from her Aunt Anne (Thank you Auntie Anne). It came with paints and she got to paint and decorate it herself. We just got some birdseed for it and are going to hang in the backyard this weekend.

In addition to painting the birdhouse, Shelby has been painting on these small canvases I buy her. She loves to paint and can paint for hours. Sometimes, she tries to paint something specific like a flower or a butterfly. Often it's a little more abstract. In this picture you can see a painting that's sparkly and red (she put glitter on it before the paint dried) ... she calls it "Squished Cherry."

Mike's parents have a lemon tree in their backyard, which was in desperate need of harvesting. We picked a ton of lemons and now have plans for a lemon tart (Mike wants to use a Jamie Oliver recipe for this) and some lemon sorbet.

We've started to accumulate a lot of baby stuff. It's sitting in a corner near the stairs. We realized this morning we really need to get going on the baby's room, and get all this stuff out of the corner and into place. We're so grateful for all the gifts that have been sent ... my mom bought us a travel system and a diaper genie!! My sister sent us the coolest activity center and Mike's great Aunt Dorothy supplied us with a carrier, bottles and a bouncy seat (which Shelby insisted we put together already and has been putting her baby dolls in it). Muchas Gracias!!!!