I love this page

I've been working on creating some pages using the contents of the Crazy Daisy March kits. I must admit I'm a little slow going as I'm now as big as a house and my waddling is about at its worst! However, today I've felt better than I have in weeks and felt super excited about creating some fun pages.

The first page I'd like to show you features some ultrasound photos. With Shelby I started her initial album with the ultrasound photos, so I'm doing the same thing for this baby. Since I'm having a boy this time around, I wanted to stay away from girlie colors and make things a whole lot brighter. The March main kit is the perfect combination of sunshine and pep. Each time I look at it I smile and it makes me think of the circus (not sure why, it just does). So the colors are perfect for a child and a boy baby at that!

Absolutely everything on this page came from the March Main kit ... all the paper, embellishments, letters, etc. I didn't use a single item from my personal stash! You'll start to see that I'm a more is more kind of scrapper. I've been trying to embrace the minimalist trend I see out there, but I have a really hard time doing so. When I started this particular page, I had planned on having a ton of open space ... but that didn't happen. I guess everyone has their own style, right?

I also did a two page spread with belly shots. I had started out having the page look one way, but before I glued everything down ... Shelby came over to where I was working and rearranged the photos and embellishments. Much to my surprise, her version was better. So the finished product is a Shelby design! I'll post those later this week! You can go to crazydaisykits.com to see the kits and a few other things we've made with the March kit. Jennie made a the cutest thank you card. I'm also going to use the mini-book to create a brief look at our family that we can show to the baby when he's born.