Baseball season makes us happy

Here's Shelby playing games on my phone and trying to hide from the sun.

We went to a Spring Training baseball game today. It was our Diamondbacks playing the Cubs. We expected an easy win, but the D'backs sadly fell apart and the Cubs won (hopefully the D'backs will do better during the regular season). But that didn't matter so much for us, we were just happy to be outside enjoying the Tucson sun, the great weather and some baseball. Shelby wasn't as thrilled about the heat, she kept saying she was "soooo hot." For the last two innings she took my iPhone, sprawled out on the bench and played games. She was happy to have Nana block some of the sun for her! We had great seats and we'll be going back again when the Dodgers come to town!

And here I am in all of my pregnant glory. Not a flattering picture, but at 9-months pregnant are any photos all that flattering?