The funny things she says

Shelby cracks us up. She says the funniest stuff.

Recently she said,"Mom, when I grow up, I'm never going to make my kids take naps. I'm going to let them stay up as late as they want. And I'm going to let them sleep in my bed if they want."

Seriously, I'm going to file this away and remind her of this when she's a mom herself!


Some of Shelby's funniest comments lately come when I'm feeding Cooper. She's equally fascinated and disgusted by breastfeeding. She'll come over and check things out when I'm feeding Cooper and she refers to it as "Milkin' Time."

However, as soon as I'm done nursing, Shelby wants all evidence of the act gone. The other day I didn't cover up fast enough when I was all finished up and Shelby said, "Mom, cover those up. No one wants to see them!"

Then the other day she said to me, "Umm, Mom shouldn't you be wearing your smock (referring to my hooter hider)?" and before I could answer she went on to say, "Mom, let me get your smock for you." That was her nice way of saying cover yourself up lady...