A trip to the zoo for the birthday girl!!!!

Shelby is five! Hip-hip-hooray! I can't believe it's been five whole years since Shelby, my little pistol, was born. To celebrate her birthday, we went to the Tucson Zoo.

With Auntie Amy and Savannah in town, we also thought it would be fun to how them our very cool zoo. It's small, but it's one of the nicest zoos I've ever been to. Shelby and Savannah had a great time. They ran around, chased each other, checked out the animals and had wonderful cousin time.

This of course was Cooper's first trip to the zoo. He slept through the whole thing! Auntie Amy enjoyed all the loving she got from Cooper. She loves holding him and he loves being held!

We even took him out of his stroller, hoping to wake him up .. but no such luck. But ya gotta love those chubby cheeks!