Our First Class Baby

The week before last, I had to go to Atlanta for business. I took Cooper with me, so I could keep nursing him ... and we thought it would be easier if each of us (me and Mike) each only had one kiddo to care for on our own. Cooper is a super easier traveler at this point. He sleeps and he eats and he sleeps some more.

Since I travel so much I get upgraded to first class on pretty much every flight I have. This trip was no different. So, at 3 months old, Cooper has already flown first class. From Tucson to Atlanta, I held him in my lap, since he didn't have a ticket ... BUT from Atlanta to Tucson, they offered to move people around in first class, brought me Cooper's car seat (which I had checked) and he got his own seat in the first class cabin. Talk about one cool baby.

I heard a number of people grumbling about their crappy seats in coach and how the couldn't believe a baby was up in first class. Me too ... I couldn't believe it. But I didn't complain! It was pretty awesome. Cooper slept nearly the whole time and I only took him out of his seat for a quick diaper change (that's when I snapped the picture of him sitting in my seat).

Did I mention that we also got the bulkhead seats, so I had even more leg room than most of the first class folks. Enough that I was able to spread Cooper out on the floor, change his diaper and let him stretch a bit. Seriously, this is the only way to fly with a little baby!