Shelby Rose: Kindergartner

My sweet little girl started kindergarten yesterday. I’ve been riding a wave of emotions for the last few weeks. I’m certainly excited for her, but I’m also so sad. Where did all the time go? I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms at the hospital and she was looking up at me with those big blue eyes. She was so little, so precious and just so sweet. And then I wake up one day and five years have passed.

I’ve been surprised at how emotional I’ve been over this transition. Shelby is extremely independent. She’s been going to preschool for years now. And for my job I travel quite a bit and have had to spend time away from her countless times. We’ve adjusted to life as we know it and Shelby is totally comfortable talking on the phone with me each night no matter where I’m at in the world or video chatting with me online. That’s just how our life works. So, I shouldn’t be so sad to send her to kindergarten, right? I guess it’s not so much that she’s away from me during the day, it’s really what it represents: my first born is growing up. In a blink of an eye, I’ll be dropping her off at college. I’m not ready for this.

As we walked in to drop her off, I felt like a ton of bricks were on my chest. Tears filled my eyes. And I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I managed to get it together, but I stood outside her class watching her until the principle asked us (me and other moms) to leave!

When I picked her up, Shelby was a chatter box, full of first day of school excitement and lots of stories. They went on a treasure hunt to familiarize themselves with the school. They had gingerbread cookies. The read to the book "The Kissing Hand." When I finally was able to get a word in I asked, "So you had a great day?" She replied, with a very serious face, "No Mom." Then busting a huge smile she yelled, "No mom, I had a fabulous day."

And there you go. I have a happy, and very excited kindergartner now. She loves her school. Loves her teacher. And has already made a few friends.