Beatles Rock Band + Shelby = Adorable

I'm not quite sure who loves Beatles Rock Band more ... Daddy or Shelby? They play it. A lot. Since Shelby can't quite hold the guitar and hit the buttons, she's taken to singing. She can sing a lot of the Beatles' songs, especially the one's that have repeating lyrics (like "Yellow Submarine" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

When lobbying to purchase Beatles Rock Band (we already had the original Rock Band, so we just needed the new game ...not all the equipment) Mike said it was "really cheap family entertainment." Mike has figured out that if we play Beatles Rock Band every day for like the rest of the year ... then it only costs like 50 cents a day. So, Mike will be playing the game every day for the rest of the year ... or else!

Seriously though. It's a lot of fun. We have been enjoying rocking out as a family. Even Cooper seems to enjoy Beatles Rock Band.

Note: this video was shot from Mike's iPhone. Yet again the quality isn't the best .. .but we got the moment on film, so that's all that matters, right?