Random moments from our world

As the weeks pass, Shelby seems to fall deeper in love with her little brother. I am surprised at how much she loves and adores him. I love to hear her talk to him. She's so sweet. She tells him all about her day, explains how the world works and does whatever it takes to entertain her brother. The other day I heard her explaining to Cooper why we call her Lou.

Some weeks we take lots of pictures. Some weeks we don't. Here are a few pictures from this week. Remember that most of our picture taking these days is confined to our phones, so sometimes the quality is a little poor. But a cute kid is a cute kid ... even if the photo is a little dark or grainy.

Here's Shelby poking her head out of Daddy's sun roof. Mike got a new car (it's used, but new to him). Shelby thinks Daddy's new car is pretty cool, especially the sun roof. When they pulled up to school yesterday, Mike let Shelby unbuckle her seat belt and check out the playground ... from the sun roof.

Shelby likes to take pictures with Daddy's phone. Her latest? Cassius. And a close up at that. Cassius is the best dog ever. He takes a lot kiddie abuse (Shelby and Cooper would call that abuse love) and doesn't mind a bit. I do not look forward to the day Cassius won't be around.

Here's a picture of Coop the night before last. He's got his jammies on and is ready for bed. Mike weighed him and he came in at 23 pounds! That's our boy. Healthy and happy!

This is little (big) C. Rex before bed last night. Again, note the smile on his face. I can't even begin to imagine what our world would be like without him. Don't you just love those big, blue eyes?

This is Cooper from this morning. He is by far the happiest baby in the world. He always smiles. He full of giggles. And he's super sweet.