Painting with her friends

Shelby loves the girls (Alexia and Ayana) who live across the street from us. Their dad is in the Air Force and is stationed here in Tucson. Their mother is Russian born, but has spent most of her life in Iceland. They are very European and world-traveled children. It's a lot of fun to see them interact with Shelby and share their perspective on the world with her. During the last two summers, it wasn't a surprise to see Alexia and Ayana at our house 5 days a week. They are back in Iceland right now for the school year and Shelby is counting down the days until the come home for Christmas!

I bought this step stool at Ikea for Shelby to use in the kitchen. She likes to be able to set the table or get her own snacks, but the cabinets are too high. The stool was just unfinished wood, so Shelby asked if she could paint it. The girls came over and it turned into a big neighborhood art project.