First Semester Honor Roll

Here's Shelby at the awards assembly they had at her school last week. She is in the front row with the red shirt.

Last week, Shelby got her first report card. She is doing wonderfully well. We are so proud of her and her teacher says she is an excellent student and progressing fabulously. She made the honor roll for first semester and at her recognition assembly she was given the "outstanding mathematician" award from her principal. Shelby loves math and it comes natural for her, which is beyond awesome. We really want to cultivate her analytical side, especially while she is young. So many little girls are treated like math is something they can't do, when in fact they can.

In addition to math, Shelby loves art and writing. She comes up with the most fabulous stories and loves to tell her tales. She created a book a few months back that she shared with her school. It was picked to be performed by a professional acting troupe for the school. Only a few students of all grades (and even fewer kindergartners) had their books selected ... so it was a huge honor. Of course Shelby loved being the center of attention and especially enjoyed going on stage to be honored in front of the entire school.

Shelby having a little snack. We've started prepping her food in more creative ways, so she'll eat things she wouldn't normally try.