Shelby's World

In Shelby's world, things happen in a very specific way. She is very much a creature of habit and likes her routine. She gets this from me.

Yesterday afternoon Shelby had a bit of a melt down. She didn't want to do her homework and had one heck of a tantrum. Eventually Miss Jamie had to send Shelby to time-out, where she sat for longer than she normally does (it took her quite some time to calm down).

After Jamie left, Daddy had a little talk with Shelby. They discussed her behavior, what's appropriate and what is expected of her. When all was said and done, they came up with a new schedule for her. If she knows her schedule and we stick with it ... she is very much able to behave and does so happily.

Daddy and Shelby filmed some videos with Shelby talking about what her morning and afternoon routines would now include.

I have to share these videos with you. Shelby is just so stinkin' cute. It's hard to stay mad at her when she is such a goof ball.