Random Pics and such

Since I have been slacking in the blog department ... again ... I thought I'd do a quick roundup post. Shelby and I had a great conversation the other night. I asked her if she could live anywhere in the world, where would she live.

Her response? "Africa, Japan and Chinese." Then I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up.

Her response, "I want to train all the animals at the fair. And then when I am done training them, I want to put on a show. I can teach the animals to balance things on their noses and dance."

I then asked her if she wanted to do this at the circus. And she said, "Nope, just the fair."

The other morning Cooper woke up before Shelby, which doesn't happen all that often. Mike had taken him down stairs to have a bottle. When Shelby woke up, she ran into my room in a panic yelling, "Someone stole Bubba." She had gone into his room like she does every morning and was VERY unhinged when he wasn't there. Boy does she love her brother. The feeling is mutual.

Okay then .... Here are a few photos.

This is sweet Cooper @ 10 months. I love this smile.

This is Shelby wearing the cover for Cooper's highchair. Why? Why not? She looks a little like the Gingerbread Man from Shrek. Every time I wash this cover, she snags it and runs around the house in it. She thinks she's hilarious.

When Mike tool this photo last week we were both a little sad. All of a sudden Shelby looks so big. Kindergarten has made her such a big girl. Where has my baby gone?