Eleven Months! How Crazy is That?

Cooper is now 11 months old. It really feels like the last 11 months have gone by in a flash. He's is growing up WAY too fast.

Coop is now crawling. He is beyond fast. This little guy can cover a lot of ground in just a few minutes. Walk away and he is on the other side of the room playing in the dog's water bowl! Cooper is pulling himself up on everything and cruising around on furniture. He'll be walking in no time.

He also discovered the stairs. He loves to climb up the stairs. I let him climb up and down, while I climb with him ... I figure it will wear him out!

Bath time continues to be a favorite of Coop's. He stands next to the tub as I fill up the water and lifts his leg like his trying to climb in.

Shelby has been teaching Coop to stick out his tongue. It's cute to watch. She sticks hers out and then Cooper will copy her.

I love this boy. Life seriously wouldn't be the same without him.