My sweet kiddos

Cooper playing at the indoor play area at the mall (April 30, 2010)

Some times I take a lot of pictures. Some times I don't. I am super blessed to have a nanny and she happens to take a lot of pictures. If I'm not home with the kids, she sends me multiple pictures of them each day. It makes me feel a little closer to them and not miss them as much. Well, I actually still miss them. A lot. But it is comforting to see their faces. See how what they are doing. And feel like I am always aware of what they are doing.
Here are some pictures from the last week or so. Mike took Shelby and Cooper to the park and zoo this last weekend to celebrate Shelby's friend Kallie's birthday. Here's some photos from that trip.

At the zoo. The Tucson Zoo is an awesome zoo. It's no very big, but for its size it's really quite cool. We love going their and it's especially great since it's so close to our house.

Shelby and Kallie checking out the turtles.

Even Cooper got in on the birthday fun. Kallie's little sister is the exact same age as Coop, so he had a playmate for this adventure.

Cooper crawling to his favorite person in the whole world. Coop loves his sissy. There is this great patch of grass near the front of the zoo and Cooper can roam around the area, get his energy out and the big kids can roll down the little hills as well. Fun for everyone!

Shelby and Kallie ... the best of friends. Shelby and Kallie were seated at the same table their first day of kindergarten. Since then, they have been the best of friends. Shelby adores Kallie and the feeling is mutual!


This week, Shelby's kindergarten class spent today at Camp Cooper, a beautiful swath of the Sonoran Desert 20 minutes west of Tucson that the school district bought in the '50s with the intention of building a school there. They changed their minds, preserved the land, built a couple of cabins and now sends thousands of students there for 24 hours each year to learn about ecology, desert wildlife and vegetation. A school day in the wild is followed by an evening of barbecuing, smores, campfire songs and a sleepover. Another awesome thing Tucson does right.


Cooper is by far the world's happiest baby. He is always smiling. He is such a joy to be around.

Rarely will you catch this kiddo without a smile. He's just happy as a clam ... all the time. It's actually quite amazing. I should be knocking on wood right now, as I know there are lots of mamas out there who would kill for such a happy, easygoing baby. (May 6, 2010)

Though this photo is a little blurry ... it captures Coop's silly personality. Not sure what's making him so silly smiley ... but silly smiley he is. Auntie Amy says he looks a little wicked in this one!

And this one is just sweet. Coop woke up early