Growing up,
One tooth at a time

On the eve of her 6th birthday, Shelby lost her first tooth. For her it was awesome. For me, it was so sad. I cried. I'm not sure why this particular event made me so emotional, but it really made me feel like my little girl is quickly (much too quickly for me) growing up.

Shelby was fearless and excited about the process. Her tooth had been wiggling for weeks and finally she and daddy took matters into their hands and eased the tooth out. Shelby assures me that it didn't hurt. Not one bit.

Of course the lost tooth prompted a visit from the tooth fairy. Daddy helped to the tooth fairy get in and of Shelby's room undetected ... and he left $5!!!! That's a lot more money than I ever got as a kid! Is that a sign of inflation, or what?