Happy Father's Day

I know it's a little late. We of course celebrated Father's Day at our house on Sunday, just like everyone else. But I was meaning to post something about Mike and the kiddos on Father's Day ... but never got around to it. So, just a few days late I have a little something to say about the Daddy in my daily life. Mike is a great daddy. He really balances me out. When I stress, he's cool as can be. He can roll with just about everything, while I clinch up and feel like I'm going to explode. Mike is great at embracing the moment, getting dirty, playing hard and laughing with the kiddos. They love playing with their daddy and rightfully so, he's a ton of fun. The way Shelby laughs and smiles with her Daddy is priceless. I can never get such a hearty and "real" laugh out of her the way Mike can.

I'm grateful Shelby and Cooper have such a great, loving and dedicated daddy. I look forward to make lots more memories as a family.

Happy Father's Day Mike. You rock! You are one cool, rad dad.
We love you ... bunches and bunches.