Naughty Cooper

Cooper is seriously obsessed with Cassius' water bowl. Every chance he can get, he walks over to the bowl and plays in it. Yesterday I think he did it about 15 times. Each time, I tell him no and then pick him up and redirect his attention. But that does nothing for him. As soon as I put him down, he toddles right back over to the bowl. He makes sure he can see me, laughs and then starts splashing away. He loves to be naughty and the worse part is that when he's naughty he's so stinkin' cute. I can't get bad at this little guy. He melts my heart with his wicked little smile and his devious laugh.

I guess I should be grateful that Cooper prefers Cassius' water over his food! In my opinion, there is nothing worse than kids eating dog food (I think that's because I think I ate dog food when I was a kid). Yuck!