Cooper and his Blankie

We have a little Linus in our house. Cooper has suddenly grown quite attached to his blankie. He carries it with him everywhere. It's SO stinkin' cute. His blankie is actually a hand-me-down. It was Shelby's blanket, and the one that I brought both of them home from the hospital with. Each night, he snuggles up with that blanket and sucks his thumb. It's precious.

The journaling reads:

Every time I look at my sweet baby boy, I feel like my heart is going to burst. I didn’t think it was possible to love and adore someone as much as I love and adore Cooper. And as each day passes, I’m amazed at how my love for him continues to expand and grow. To think, I wasn’t even sure I was cut out to be the mama of a boy! He’s so different than his sister, yet they are so alike. Cooper has become a thumb sucker and a blankie toting kiddo ... not something Shelby did. I literally melt when I see him walking around the house with his blankie dragging behind him. Before too long he’ll shed him blankie, stop sucking his thumb and grow up ... and I can’t even begin to imagine that day. I’m not ready for that.

I love them equally, but in totally different ways. They are like yin and yang; and they complete me.