New camera

I got a new camera. And I've been taking lots of pictures. Last night Shelby said to no one in particular "This is my mom. She takes a lot of pictures. It's a little irritating."I guess I've been bugging her! But she and Cooper make such great models!

Here are some of my favorites.

This picture is pure Shelby. The smile. The beautiful eyes. She looks so sweet, but a little naughty! She is clearly a beautiful girl, but she's so much more than that. She's bright, clever, engaging, imaginative and warm. She oozes charm and is such a delight to have around.

Note the bruise on Cooper's head. He is so busy and likes to run away from us whenever he gets a chance. Last night he ran out of his room and as he was trying to see if I was following him into Shelby's room, he ran right into the wall. But did it slow him down? Nope. He got right up and kept running. That's my boy. A little bruiser.

I can't begin to articulate how much I love this boy. He brings me so much joy. His happy disposition is contagious. He is so excited to be alive and his enthusiasm is inspiring. He is sweet, easy going and oh so bright. He says quack, sit, mama, daddy, sister, oh-oh and no. He can even sing along to "Single Ladies."