Shelby: Ten Things

The journaling reads: 

1. You have a love hate relationship with school. Each morning you complain about going, but once you’re  there ... you’re happy to learn and play with your friends. Reading is your favorite subject.

2. You have lost two of your baby teeth so far. Both on the bottom. You hate to brush your teeth and it’s a challenge to get you to do a good job of brushing.

3. You love, love to perform. Any chance you get to put on a show, you do. You sing. You dance. You make up silly songs. It’s amazing what a fabulous imagination you have. I won’t be surprised if some day I see you on Broadway! Watch our Liza, you have some competition.

4. One of your favorite things to do right now is read. We’re reading chapter books at bedtime and at the end of each chapter you beg for more. It’s hard to tell you no, since I want you to love reading as much as I do. The Ramona series is your current favorite. I can’t wait to see what you like next.

5. Your best friends at school are Kallie and Mila.  But your cousins are your ultimate best friends.

6. You adore your baby brother. You look out for him when we’re at the park or in anywhere in public for that matter. You are free with your hugs and kisses when it comes to Coop. All love, no jealousy.

7. You are super funny and smarter than any kid I know. The things that come our of your mouth never cease to amaze me. I am certain you are going to do great things in with your life ... no matter what you choose to do.

8. You say you’ll be a singer and dancer, fashion model or a veterinarian (in that order) when you grow up

9. You are obsessed with fashion. You won’t let anyone pick out your clothes and you have very specific ideas as to what looks good.    

10. You sleep with a hard, plastic Ariel toy each night. You say you like it because it’s hard like me. You insist on the same routine. Fresh ice water. Read a book. Sing a song (”Hush Little Baby”). And then a snuggle under your Tinkerbell blanket. You, like me, are a creature of habit. Don’t mess with your routines.