Day Three,  Prayer Three

My Father in Heaven,

Today flew by. Being busy can help make the time pass much faster ... But even though the day few by, I'm grateful it's over. I'm tired. I'm aching. And I'm homesick. Just two more days of work and I can get on a plane and head home. So thank you for that.

Today I have a single prayer. Help me not feel guilt for things which inhale no control over. I worry myself to the point that I practically make myself sick. It doesn't do me any good to carry so much guilt, worry and frustration. And it certainly doesn't make my family's lives easier. So Lord, please help me find a way to live a less guilt filled life. Let me find a way to purge myself off unnecessary worry. Let me free myself of unreasonable expectations and stress.

I appreciate all that I have been given and am so grateful for the bounty I have been blessed with.

In Jesus' name, amen