At the park

Woo-hoo, it's finally feeling like fall might make its way to Arizona after all. Yesterday and today have been perfect. It's 88 degrees as I type this and for us it feels heavenly. We walked to the park yesterday afternoon and took full advantage of the cooler weather.

Coop enjoyed the swing and Shelby enjoyed pushing Cooper in the swing. We took the long way home and all enjoyed the walk. It's great to get outside and get a little exercise as well. I took a lot of pictures at the park ... they'll tell you better than my words just how beautiful the day was and how happy my children were to be outside playing.

If you hadn't already noticed, Shelby is wearing a ballet outfit. She's ALL about dance right now. She starts a new ballet class today and it's been torture for her to have to wait. She told me the other day that she's going to be a singer and a dancer when she grows up. And seriously, I wouldn't be surprised. She's quite the little performer. She did say if the singing and dancing thing didn't work out she'd be a fashion model or a veterinarian (in that order!).